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About How We Buy Houses

Hi there, this is Eli Goodman, the owner of Illinois Real Estate Buyers. Thank you for considering my company to buy your house. I can promise you this if the thought of selling your property makes you stressed out or uncertain you will not regret contacting us. So let me tell you more about how myself and how we buy houses.

I was born and raised in Chicago and still live here to this day where we buy houses. When my Grandmother passed away many years ago my mother and her siblings were faced with an issue, the house was dated, and they needed to sell while my uncle (the executor) was still in town. They were able to sell the property fast, to a local cash home buyer, for a fair price, and solve our problems. I guess you can say that was my first introduction to real estate. Still, I never saw myself getting into real estate I wanted to be an accountant, that was until I turned 20. Around that time my friend started buying houses and I decided to join him on that, I knew nothing about real estate back then but I knew I could learn it. I ended up working for a local investor and after many months of hard work, I had my first property. Since then the ride has been so much fun up to starting a company that buys houses. 

My favorite part of buying houses is hearing each seller's story. You see every person and every house has its own unique story with a happy ending. Whether the house needs major work, the tenants are not paying rent, back taxes, no equity,  or they are sick of their home sitting with a real estate agent, we buy their houses and they sell their house for cash. Sellers often think their situation is impossible, oftentimes because real estate agents and other investors have told them so but we know that's not so. Most investors or Realtors are uneducated on how to make a difficult real estate situation disappear, but we know-how. If that means we have to negotiate with the city or mortgage company on your behalf, come help you move out, or close faster than you thought was possible WE WILL DO IT.

I am a licensed real estate agent with a small local brokerage, Habloft LLC, so I often work with sellers to find their next place or relocate their tenants, whatever it takes to help you sell your house fast.

We buy all different types of real estate single-family houses, small to large multi-family, land, mobile homes, mobile home parks, parking lots and garages, office buildings, self-storage, portfolios, and some other assets.


I currently run the second largest (soon to be largest) Chicago real estate investors Facebook group, where investors and service providers can connect and network. Every month we host a meetup where local cash home buyer experts share their knowledge and we all help one another in our community.

Our Core Values

Provide Value First- When working with sellers or anyone else we always strive to provide value before asking for anything, be a go-giver.

Give More Than You Receive- We don’t want you to be contempt that we bought your property, we want you to be happy that we bought your property. 

Put Sellers First- If you don't feel comfortable with how we buy houses, tell us. We strive to make all our sellers happy and comfortable. If we can't solve your problem we are not the right fit.

Every Problem Has A SolutionWe don’t back down when last-minute issues come up, be a go-getter.

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Eli Goodman

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Here at Illinois Real Estate Buyers, we focus on providing a seamless home selling process to homeowners. If you have a house that you need to sell fast, we will give you a fair cash offer in 48 hours or less. As cash home buyers we buy houses as-is, fast, for cash. We can provide quick cash for houses so contact us today for a risk-free no-obligation cash offer.


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